Lets make an easy ham delights recipe!

What are ham delights?

Ham delights are a Southern specialty. We love serving them at potlucks, parties, church dinners, baby showers. You name it!

They are ham and cheese sliders covered with a sweet and savory sauce and served warm.

First, gather your ingredients.

swiss cheese


everything bagel seasoning

sliced ham


dijon mustard

cheddar cheese



Hawaiian style dinner rolls

Now slice the rolls and make your sauce.

Stir softened butter, Worcestershire sauce, honey, dijon mustard, and everything bagel seasoning. Spread it inside the rolls.

Build the sliders

Place the bottom rolls into a baking dish and layer in the ham and cheeses.

Top off the ham delights

Brush the tops with butter and sprinkle with more everything bagel seasoning.

Cover and bake

Cover with foil and make until hot and gooey!

Cut and serve

Carefully cut them apart and serve hot.

Get the recipe!

Link below for the ham delights, hot ham and cheese sliders recipe!